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primavistax Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
draweverywhere Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Your Work is amazing!
houseofwilliams Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
I see you've done artwork here for what looks like a zombie comic series. The Last Zombie is it? Would you be interested in doing a cover for a zombie apocalypse novel by any chance?
diversdream Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
Hey Joe -

i thought you mind find this interesting as i did given our previous discussions about Malaya etc and the war.

i recently finished reading a book about the USAAF/USN/RAF/RAAF/RNZAF/NEIAF (and anyone else i forgot lol)
in the Pacific War and here's something i didn't know and i hope you will forgive me for sharing it as its quite detailed!

Many people believe or are under the understanding that the first people killed in the war in the Pacific were the USN/USAAF/US Army members at Pearl Hbr.

But in fact this is quite badly wrong.

The first aircraft shot down was a USA Constructed Type but that was about it.

The first people Killed in the War in the Pacific were in Fact flying a Reconnaissance Operation in a Catalina off Malaya when they were shot down killed - it was only flying with an aircrew of 2.

A Japanese Convoy was sighted by a Hudson flown by F/L John Ramshaw RAAF (KIA only a few days later) and Aircrew operating with 1 RAAF Sqd at Kota Bharu at 1215 PM (All times Local Time) on 6 Dec 1941.
He sighted through overcast cloud cover 3 Japanese Flagged Troopships, 185 Miles from Kota Bharu on a N/W Heading bound clearly for Southern Thailand.
15 Mins later another RAAF Hudson sent a W/T Signal reporting sighting another larger convoy made up of 1 Battleship, 5 Cruisers, 7 Destroyers and 22 Troop Transports all clearly flying the Japanese Naval Ensign.
At 1245 PM F/L Emerton RAAF in yet another RAAF Hudson sighted another convoy on the same course of an even larger type.
I wont go into the shameful way this invaluable warning of an approaching invasion fleet was handled but suffice to say it was as bad if not worse then the way the USA also ignored the warning signs of the attack on Pearl.

The RAF 'Disbelieving' the Australian's Reports ordered one of their own, that is an RAF led Aircrew,
to now investigate.

That same night a RAF Catalina Flying Boat belonging to 205 RAF Sqd and crewed by F/L Robert West RAF and Sgt Colin Treloar RAAF were ordered to find the fleet and then shadow them but to take no action even if fired upon until they made offensive action against the coast! (insanity..imagine operating under or being hamstrung by orders such as that!).

They left the RAF Flying Boat Base in Singapore in the early hours of 7 Dec 1941 and were never seen or heard from again.

After the war it was learned that at around noon while searching for the convoy still over the Gulf of Siam, they were attacked (the cat was unarmed) and shot down by Japanese Fighters that came upon them while they were flying in a large formation bound for the invasion site.
The cat never stood a chance and despite evading for 20 mins they were shot down by Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Pilots First Lt Tsubotoni, W/O Hirano, Corp Fujimoto and Corp Yoshida, who all made a combined attack and then watched it spiral into the sea and explode.
These Airmen also have the distinction of being the first to Shoot Down a 'Enemy Aircraft' in the Pacific War.

Additionally the first Aircraft to be fired on by the IJN in the Pacific was that flown by F/L Lockwood RAAF, when his Hudson belonging to 8 RAAF Sqd, once more looking for the convoys, sighted at 1750 on the same day a cruiser and troopship 112 miles north of his Airfield at Kota Bharu bound for Singora in Thailand.
His Hudson was damaged by the AA Fire but once again due to standing orders nothing more could be done other then 'curse at them loudly'.

As an Aside the first people to die in the Japanese Invasion of Thailand/Malaya were also Australian.

In the early hours of 8 Dec 1941 Hudson Bombers of 1 RAAF Sqd became airborne at 0115/8 Dec.

This was the first of 17 Ops they flew that day.

At 0218 flying one of these ops, a Hudson was seen to be hit by AA fire roll over and crash into a Japanese Troop Barge, which then exploded and sunk.
On board were F/L John Jones RAAF, F/O Ron Siggins RAAF, Sgt Graham Hedges RAAF and Sgt David Walters RAAF.
On this same Op F/L John Ramshaw RAAF was also shot down and killed by the same Heavy AA fire attacking the Landing Sites, along with 3 of his Aircrew.
The first POW of the war was also an Australian, when after surviving F/L Ramshaw's loss (sole survivor), F/L Dowie RAAF was recovered from the water by a Japanese Troop Landing Barge and then landed ashore.

I never knew about this - my main interests always been Europe in the war - so i found this most interesting and i hope you do too.


malsem Featured By Owner May 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
HA! Star Wars alphabet FTW!!!
lobotomous Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011
your chibi are awesome!
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